About April Reeve

Twenty five years doing data stuff for (mostly financial) corporations.  Now I do strategic data consulting at EMC Consulting.  I also present at conferences and write about Data Management.

3 Responses to About April Reeve

  1. Bill Schmarzo says:

    I love the content!!

  2. Steve Gee says:

    Hi April,

    I saw your recent comments about the CDMP exams on OCDQ:
    “Thanks for this information on the IQCP certification exam. I took the CDMP (Certified Data Management Professional) certification a couple of years ago and the questions were very ambiguous. Even though I passed at the mastery level (70% or greater on all parts of the test) I wasn’t even sure if I gave the correct answer more than 50% of the time.”

    Are you able to email me any tips on studying for the exams? I am sitting them in late Novemeber and have purchased the self-study guides. They list way too many books to read. Is it best just to go through all of the sample exams?


    • A absolutely suggest that the best way to study for the CDMP exams, especially the two overview exams, is to take to sample exams and carefully review the answers to understand how the questions tend to be formulated and how the correct answers are formulated.

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