Data Integration and Data Governance for Cloud Computing

I was recently reviewing the Data Integration architecture for a client and they asked me what they should be looking at for Data Integration when they start using Cloud Computing.  The simple, and boring, answer is that you should be able to use the same solutions in the Cloud as you are in a traditional server/database environment.  Your Enterprise Service Bus is specifically meant to be able to integrate across heterogeneous technologies.  To integrate data from a Cloud Computing environment with other data should require adapters for the specific technologies of the servers where the data is located, either for HADOOP, other specialized file systems, or specialized database management systems.

The answer for Data Governance of Cloud Computing is even more boring – there aren’t any changes.  Data Governance is about managing and processes and is technology independent.  You may need some specialized tools for profiling data and reporting data quality metrics, but the Data Governance process itself doesn’t change between technologies.


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