My mind dismisses what it doesn’t want to see

Have you heard about this phenomena that your mind fills in pieces of a scene it expects even if your eyes don’t see something?

I’ve been reading various books on Data Integration lately because I am thinking of proposing my own book on the subject and I was interested in what was already written.  So I was reading a chapter in “Data Integration Blueprint and Modeling” by Anthony David Giodana on various Data Integration architectures and he described a “Federated” architecture as being one where tables in various databases on even seperate servers are joined together.  Now this is a perfectly acceptable achitectural concept but is, in my experience, so incredibly slow that it is not really a viable option. ( I should mention that Mr. Giodana does say that it is not suggested for real-time processing. )  I had basically removed the option from my mind until I read his description.  There may very well be times when you don’t want all the duplicate data involved in replication but since it was not something I ever intended on doing, it was gone … gone from my brain.


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